More stoats

Well possibly just a single stoat, but while I was out in the garden picking peas and sweetcorn for dinner I spotted a fast moving stoat dive for cover. Rushing to get the camera, and I tracked it down to the pile of rubble, where it was keeping a lookout…

I suspect it is one from the family of stoats I saw in the garden previously. Those photos can be found here.

3 thoughts on “More stoats

  1. Well, he’s a handsome lad, but he ain’t a stoat. He’s a weasel. Mustela nivalis. A stoat — Mustela erminea — has a bushy black tip on his tail. Hence ermine.

    I wish I had weasels in the garden. I’m moving to Sussex, so perhaps I will…

  2. A weasel is weasily recognised but a stoat is stoatally different! A stoat, or weasel, ran across the path ahead of me at Wisley the other day – a great treat.

  3. Not an expert as Mr or Ms Weasel clearly is but had a similar “meeting” today on a bike ride and my (albeit internet) research tells me the same as they’ve told you, that a stoat is Mustela erminea and has the black tip on it’s tail. Having said that the tail isn’t clearly visible in your pics although there is a dark looking bit at the end in the last one so maybe a stoat? For further clarification you might want to look at this next time you see it as there are some size variations too:

    …they are quick little blighters too which makes them even harder to spot and am very impressed with your pics. Anyway fairly sure we met Mustela erminea today in Devon – cool!

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