Day 8 Rochester to Grain

After a day off, and a later than normal start, I was keen to get going. I again walked passed the Cathedral and Castle, and then it was over Rochester Bridge to get onto the path on the northern shore of the River Medway.

Having gone though more industrial areas I made it to Upnor Castle and made my way along the high tide mark of the river until I was forced to head inland by a marina and the ever increasing marshes and mud flats – and the Kingsnorth power station.

I was now on the Hoo Peninsula and the journey inland made a pleasant change of scenery, particularly with a field of onions breaking the monotony. I could have remained inland but the path along the top of the sea defences at the back of the salt marshes offered wonderful views to the south – despite the wind I meandered along preferring to look south rather than east towards the Isle of Grain and the massive industrial areas.

Eventually the mudflats and marshes ran out and I reached the main road through the industrial areas of power stations, oil and gas storages, and who knows what else in the sprawling development behind high fences.

Instead of heading directly into Grain when I reached the edge of the village I headed south east to make it back to the coast and to get a fix of shoreline walking. The views were not much improved, the tide was out and the industrial town of Sheerness on Sheppey dominated the landscape.

It was a mixed days walking, and I had managed just over 17 miles, hopefully tomorrow the north of the peninsula will offer more interest.

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