Day 5 Margate to Whitstable

The rain had swept through overnight, leaving an overcast sky and chill wind. Thankfully I was walking towards a large patch of blue sky on the horizon and by the time I had walked a few miles to Birchington the sun was fully out.

The wind turbines out at sea on the horizon seemed to be making the best of the wind, so too were the seagulls soaring on the updrafts from the chalk cliffs.

As I continued to walk westwards the chalk cliffs to my left were diminishing, and I was soon off the Isle of Thanet and walking along the edge of Chislet Marshes towards Reculver and the twin towers of St Mary’s Church on the horizon. This area is where the Romans invaded in AD48, though much of the earthworks and fort have been reclaimed by the sea. This coastline is also where Barnes Wallis tested his ‘bouncing bomb’ used during the Second World War.

In the distance the land rose slightly again at Herne Bay and beyond was Whitstable. Staying on the sea wall the walk was not particularly remarkable and the only clues as to progress were the lines of beach huts and sailing boats.

After almost 16 miles I arrived in Whistable in good time and had a short walk away from the sea to find the B&B set on the high street.

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