Day 10 Greenhithe to Dartford

Overnight another band of rain had raced through, leaving a trail of heavy showers in its wake. The forecast was not great and the wind was up again. I headed back to Gravesend on the bus and decided to catch a train up to Greenhithe.

I missed out a bit of coast but the map and guide showed it as full of industrial areas and waste ground – not pleasant walking particularly in this weather. From Greenhithe I was able to make it quickly back onto the path and soon the Dartford Bridge was looming above me.

Yet more industrial works on the western side of the bridge thankfully made way for the Dartford Marshes fairly quickly and I was next to the River Darent in next to no time. This river marks border with Kent and I had made it from end to end around the coast!

My enthusiasm was slightly tempered by the fact I was in the middle of nowhere and despite the large flood barrier straddling the river there was no way across. I was forced to head south for 3 miles before I found a bridge.

I had thought about continuing along the River Thames into London but with the detour along the River Darent and the poor weather forecast I decided 150 miles in 10 days was enough and I caught the train home.

Center of map
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2 thoughts on “Day 10 Greenhithe to Dartford

  1. Congratulations on this latest jaunt the sometimes dull industrialised landscape and changeable weather must have tested your patience at times. I note there was a distinct lack of prose about cakes and sundry confectionery, does this indicated there is nothing worth eating or writing about in Kent? R.

  2. I am sure there are many wonderful delicacies to be found within Kent, unfortunately I did not find any – it seems the coast is ringed mainly by establishments cooking chips, pizza and kebabs. Suffice to say I did not linger for long in these places.
    The gastronomic highlight was a deli/cafe in Broadstairs – which served an good beef and horseradish sandwich.

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