IoW day 2 (Cowes to Totland)

While the weather forecast for today was not great I at least started off in Cowes with no rain. This situation did not last for long, as I rounded Egypt Point and headed into the prevailing wind there was a clap of thunder and the start of a heavy downpour.

Again the first part of this stage out of Cowes was similar to the previous day’s walk through woods, fields and housing estates. At time the path was really hemmed in by barbed wire fences and tall scrub. If there hadn’t been poor visibility and pouring rain I doubt there would have been many views of interest beyond the view across Gurnard Bay. Thankfully the route was well signposted through the woods and scrubland.

The major obstacle for the day was the Newtown River, whose many tentacles reached quite a way inland with wide mudflats. It was not until reaching close to Yarmouth that the path eventually came down to a beach, with obvious signs of erosion littering the shore!

With persistent rain until the mid afternoon my spirits were flagging somewhat, Yarmouth (more specifically its tearooms) could not have come at a better time. A hot cup of tea and piece of Carrot Cake were most restorative, and after a brief rest I felt I could continue on for a few more miles.

Heading round the coast the path again headed inland for a short while but thankfully came back to the shore (at Colwell Bay) just as the clouds cleared and the evening sun lit up Hurst Castle across the water.

From Totland Bay I even got my first glimpse of The Needles. It was the perfect end to the day, and promised to be a great start to the walk tomorrow.

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