Travelling well, listening to podcasts

I am a great fan of podcasts, and often take a few episodes with me while I am out and about, and one of my absolute favourites is The Indie Travel Podcast with Craig and Linda.

I came to them late (around episode #35) but after a few episodes I quickly fell for their easy presenting styles, sage advice, and interesting travels. It was not long before I downloaded their entire back catalogue and sat down with a large cup of tea to listen to them all.

I have never met Craig or Linda, but feel I know them quite well and we have conversed about SmartWool Socks and Kiva. I was over the moon to listen to an Indie Travel Podcast episode to hear that they thought the socks worked well during their Camino de Santiago de Compostela walk, and that they have dipped their toes into and have started to support low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world through Kiva.

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