Páramo – a great suit of armour against the elements

Páramo make some excellent kit to protect you against the elements, and all that the weather can throw at you. They are exceedingly comfortable and thankfully don’t rustle when you wear them.

It being nearly midsummer in the UK I am looking out my waterproof jacket and trousers for a weekend of walking in Sussex – the forecast is lousy again.

I have an Alta II Jacket and Cascada Trousers.  They both make use of Nikwax Analogy Waterproof technology, with a liner that is said to mimic the action of animal fur – pushing liquid water outwards to protect you from rain.

The trousers are not just waterproof trousers, they are trousers that are waterproof – and unless it is particularly cold no additional layers are required. This is great, except when you turn up soaked to a B&B for the night and don’t want to trail wet clothes through the place…

The waterproofing does diminish with wearing, particularly with a thick application of mud, but they are easily washed in a washing machine, and rewaterproofed with special stuff.

My Páramos are the first things I pack. They are not the cheapest waterproofs in the world but have definitely been worth it – having been confronted with gale force winds, driving rain, and 15+miles to complete in a day during many a long distance walk I haven’t thought twice about it.