In subject setting

  • : or [] or —
    Put a category id number, full or first part of a category name in the subject with a : or [] or — and it will be used as the category for the post.

      Subject: Gen: News – The system will post that in General.
      [1] [Mo] [Br] My Subject
      -1- -Mo- -Br- My Subject

In message body settings

  • :start
    Message processing won’t start until it sees that string.
  • :end
    Message processing will stop when it sees that string on its own line.
  • rotate:#
    All images in the message will be rotated.

  • comments:#
    Control if comments are allowed.

      comments:0 – means closed
      comments:1 – means open
      comments:2 – means registered only
  • delay#d#h#m
    Posts can be delayed.

      delay:1d – 1 day
      delay:1h – 1 hour
      delay:1m – 1 minute
      delay:1d2h4m – 1 day 2 hours 4 minutes

2 thoughts on “Postie

  1. Sorry to hit you with a technical question, but does Posties’ delay tag work for you? I’ve tried:
    as the first line in the body of the emai. That tag doesn’t appear in the blog, but publications isn’t delayed.

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