East Hoathly to Stone Cross

Thankfully the strong northerly winds had blown itself out overnight, though the forecast still mentioned wintery showers, as I started out on day 2 from East Hoathly. The frost on the ground had stiffened up the mud just a little, though most of the fields were permanent pasture and not too muddy or slippery underfoot.

I was soon walking through Great Wood, its name the reminder of what was once here. It had probably been decimated several times over the centuries – nearby there are extensive remains of former iron-foundries which would have used the wood as fuel, but more recently the Great Storm of 1987 destroyed much woodland in the area.

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The Eden Project

I spent a really interesting day at the Eden Project, and had a very sociable time. There was not much time to take many pictures, and the weather was pretty lousy with heavy rain, sleet, hail and strong winds – I was glad to be hunkered down in an old china clay pit rather than on top of a moor.

The last time I had visited the Seed sculpture by Peter Randall-Page had yet to be lowered into place within the central space of The Core education centre. To see it in situ was great – it is quite a piece of stone!

More photos from the trip to Cornwall can be found here.


Heading down to Cornwall for a few days and stopped off at Stonehenge to stretch my legs.  The weather was cold, but the sun was out and I managed to get a couple of photos from over the fence with the henge in silhouette.
If only the catering was up to scratch I would have stopped for a nice cup of tea.

Kent coast from the air, well GoogleEarth

It has been a couple of weeks since I completed my walk around the coast of Kent, and I have just read that Google have just updated their high resolution photographs for Kent. As I write they are on GoogleEarth now, but it is normally a few days before they are on GoogleMaps.

Did they get me? Am I on GoogleEarth?? What are the views like…

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Wetzlar whistlestop

I dashed over to Germany to help deliver a glider for maintenance near the town of Wetzlar in the valley of the Lahn river. Arriving after dark and leaving early (which seemed like before dawn) left little time to explore.

Only the small Christmas Market was in full swing, most of the old town had shut up shop hours earlier, but it was lovely to wander around the narrow cobbled streets of the old town / Eisenmarkt which dates back to medieval times.

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V for Victoria

After a good walk yesterday in the Low Weald it was off to stretch out legs on the South Downs at Ditchling. The weather was superb, and the visibility improved all day to the extent that in the afternoon we could see across over the High Weald and Ashdown Forest to see the tops of the North Downs.

The walk was nice, but not that remarkable – though that could have been because I have been here a number of times walking and cycling in recent times.

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