Kent coast from the air, well GoogleEarth

It has been a couple of weeks since I completed my walk around the coast of Kent, and I have just read that Google have just updated their high resolution photographs for Kent. As I write they are on GoogleEarth now, but it is normally a few days before they are on GoogleMaps.

Did they get me? Am I on GoogleEarth?? What are the views like…

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Walking the coast of Kent

At the end of January and the beginning of February 2008 I spent 10 days walking the coast of Kent – from Jury’s Gap near Rye to Dartford. While there was a bit of bad weather, which curtailed some walking, I still managed over 150 miles.

I followed the route by David Bathurst in his book “Walking the Kent coast from end to end”. The route borrows heavily from the Saxon Shore Way but sticks more rigidly to the coastline – warts and all.

Dorset 2007

Spent a week or so in Dorset in mid November 2007. Visited David in Sherborne and Maureen in Charminster, went on a couple of short walks, and met a giant.

Santa Barbara 2003

In June 2003 I visited Rosminah in Santa Barbara, California. We did a whistle-stop tour of some fantastic gardens and nurseries, both public and private, including Lotusland, Huntington and Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, a new landscaping feature at UCSB, Seaside Gardens in Carpinteria, Taft Ranch (which is now private) in Ojai, and the private garden of John Rees to see his fantastic collection of palms, cycads and aloes.

Huntington Botanical Gardens

Started by Henry Huntington in 1903 the garden now spans nearly 120 acres and contains around 15,000 kinds of plants from all over the world – set within sweeping lawns, vistas and a series of theme gardens.


Created by Madame Ganna Walska the garden is composed of smaller themed areas, containing an array of superb collections of plants within a beautiful series of landscapes and vistas.

Seaside Gardens in Carpinteria

Created by 12 acclaimed landscape designers, the garden offer a range of separate themed gardens and a collection of plants growing in a naturalistic setting.

Taft Ranch in Ojai

Formerly part of Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, the Ranch is no longer open to the public. With Rosminah’s connections we had a wonderful tour round.

John Rees’ Garden

John has a great collection of palms, cycads and aloes in his front and back garden. His enthusiasm was infectious – if only the climate was slightly better in Sussex.

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UCSB landscaping

Joining a group tour of the new landscaping, it was fascinating to hear about the development of sustainable landscapes and drainage systems that were incorporated.

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