The Eden Project

I spent a really interesting day at the Eden Project, and had a very sociable time. There was not much time to take many pictures, and the weather was pretty lousy with heavy rain, sleet, hail and strong winds – I was glad to be hunkered down in an old china clay pit rather than on top of a moor.

The last time I had visited the Seed sculpture by Peter Randall-Page had yet to be lowered into place within the central space of The Core education centre. To see it in situ was great – it is quite a piece of stone!

More photos from the trip to Cornwall can be found here.


Heading down to Cornwall for a few days and stopped off at Stonehenge to stretch my legs.  The weather was cold, but the sun was out and I managed to get a couple of photos from over the fence with the henge in silhouette.
If only the catering was up to scratch I would have stopped for a nice cup of tea.

Onward and upward to Ditchling Beacon

Much of the cycling to date has been in relativity flat surroundings, and rather rashly I thought it was time today to set myself the challenge: to make it to the top of Ditchling Beacon – the 3rd highest point along the South Downs – and make it back in one piece. I did not choose the most direct route to take, as I am still sticking to minor roads wherever possible, and in all I would cover around 37 miles.

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Long Man of Wilmington – a cycle ride to and from

Another Wednesday, and while the weather was a bit variable, another cycle ride. I have been trying to stick as much to small roads, which is a bit limiting as this bit of Sussex is hemmed in by large ‘A’ roads like the A26 and A27, but I had worked out a route that would take me to Wilmington.

The Long Man of Wilmington, Europe’s largest representation of the human form at 235 feet high, nestles under the steep northern slope of Windover Hill at Wilmington. It is large enough to be seen clearly in Google Maps, though it looks stretched from the air.

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