Waymerks – ULTREIA (spoilers)

Back in 2002 the Waymerks Project by local artists created 13 kists for 13 waymerks – one for each section of the Southern Upland Way.

It ran for a number of years, though the project has now finished (and no new merks are going to be minted) some kists remain, and a couple had merks when I completed the walk.

I found most of the kists, though some were only remains…

Each kist and merk celebrates the heritage of the place in which is it hidden. All the merks were minted by hand from lead and copper, though it was said that some were minted in gold or silver.

The kists were all very close to the path, each one had a different design, and though never completely buried they are cleverly disguised and quite easy to miss (I did find almost all of them – though some were only remains and not worth a picture, or it was too wet to get the camera out). You did get some assistance, the word ULTREIA on waymark post meant a kist was nearby.

I met one of the Southern Upland Way Rangers on my travels, and he said that hopefully something will be developed soon to replace the waymerks. I hope it does as it really added to the experience of the walk.

On therteen hills stand therteen kists
In therteen kists sit hoards o’ merks
From ilka kist tak ane awa’
Bear on the merk, wha’ kens ha’ far