The Lizard

Lizard point is the southernmost point in mainland UK (and is so much nicer than Lands End – which is the southwesternmost point, the westernmost point is in Scotland). The village also has a famous pasty shop!

Setting off from the lighthouse car park I planned to walk along the coast to the east, then find a path to walk inland to cross over the peninsula to the west coast before heading back south towards Lizard Point. The walking along the coast would be on part of the South West Coastal Path (SWCP) – which I might try and complete in full one day.

Heading eastwards I soon found out why the SWCP is such a challenge, the path quickly meandered from the top of the cliff to a small bay and then back up the other side, though the views from both the bottom and top were superb and the visibility meant you could see for miles.

I came across a very unassuming wooden building, owned by the National Trust, and had I not read the small plaque I would have missed that it was the Lizard Wireless Telegraph Station built by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901. It is still fitted out with working equipment and looks as it did in 1901, when Marconi received the distance record signals of 186 miles from the Isle of Wight.

More striking in the large white building that dominates Bass Point, with huge letters identifying it as the Lloyd’s Signal Station. As such a prominent landmark 2 miles east of Lizard Point it is often used as a finishing line for such activities as trans-Atlantic or round the world yacht races.

Reaching the small village of Cadgwith, having skirted around the Devil’s Frying Pan (a spectacular collapsed blow-hole where the seaward arch still remains, and through which incoming waves are funnelled – sometimes with some force – best viewed on GoogleMaps), I headed inland across the Lizard Downs to crossover to the western edge.

This bit of the coast was just as spectacular, but had none of the buildings or features. Thankfully it was easier walking and I was back to the car park sooner than I expected – having walked just over 8 miles.

Center of map
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2 thoughts on “The Lizard

  1. Christopher,
    That looks a nice walk, although at 8 miles it’s more of a stroll unless it was harder than it looks. Did you manage to get your trackstick working on this? And the pedometer? (sp?).
    I couldn’t see a panorama of that, which it seemed to be crying out for. Another place on the list to visit.
    Did you go to any of the gardens down there or stumble across any?


  2. It was just a bit of a stroll round the Lizard, though I have just read that if you walk the full South West Coastal Path you will have climbed just over 35,000 metres (Mount Everest is 8,848 metres!).  It was also a gadget free walk.
    I looked at a panorama, but it was ¾ boring land or sea.
    Perhaps a few more gardens next time I visit – in April.

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