Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Heading south from Sunderland I popped in to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a place I had been meaning to visit for years.

I managed to spend almost the whole day there wandering around the park, gardens and galleries – below are pictures of just a few of the sculptures I liked, including quite a few by Andy Goldsworthy. There was a special exhibition of his, which was just fantastic, in the various gallery spaces – which unfortunatly did not allow cameras inside :-(

Andy Goldsworthy – landscape pieces.


Skyspace – a space for cloud watching, and a wonderfully relaxing space built out of the old deer shelter.

Not sculpture…

3 thoughts on “Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  1. The first and main image is by Peter Randall-Page. A Google search for Goldsworthy produces it as a Goldsworthy from your site. Worth clarifiying.
    Martin Kemp

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