Out of this world

With feet firmly on the ground I wondered if a small webcam could be attached to my old and little used telescope.

Last night I was able to get a couple of reasonable images of the moon, though it was impossible to get anything other than a small blurry blob when focusing at Mars – and those images were quickly discarded.

I have no particular desire to travel to the moon, I am not particular fan of green cheese and I think a trip to Chedder, Lancashire, Cheshire, Gloucester, Leicester, Emmental, Gouda, or even Edam, might be more fruitful cheeseful.

3 thoughts on “Out of this world

  1. Great images especially when you captured it with a webcam. Might you try with a different digital device such as a phonecam or digital SLR?

  2. The webcam just happens to be the same diameter as the telescope eyepiece so it was relatively easy to set up, though I now want to try it with a lowlight CCTV camera to see if I can snap the planets.
    A further test could be the lunar eclipse on the 20th February – though at 3am I might not be that dedicated.

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