Lakeland passes

Douglas (my Mini) got very bored waiting for me to complete the Coast to Coast walk. He insisted on a bit of fun going up and down some of the passes in the Lake District.

I almost have a clear environmental consience as I feel I have saved a few grams of carbon recently by walking for 15 days.

Here are a few pictures, keep a lookout for Douglas…

Kirkstone Pass and Struggle

Wrynose Pass

Hardknott Pass

5 thoughts on “Lakeland passes

  1. I take it you left Douglas up north while you were walking C2C?
    I think I spotted him twice, once lurking behing a corner waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting cyclist! I suppose all your good efforts walking C2C have been undone by burning rubber round the lake district.

  2. So C, instead of the photos of you sweating up hill and down dale we have the “views from the car”. Are you sure you did this??

    No views of Ros sharing a bottle of wine with you either ;-)


  3. Actually as you were breathing more heavily than normal thanks to all that exercise you’d’ve been contributing MASSIVELY to your own carbon footprint with all that exhaled carbon dioxide…!

  4. Damn, who would have thought that heavy breathing would contribute so much to climate change. Yet more changes to be made to my lifestyle.

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