Walking the Wealdway

Over the Easter Bank Holiday (March 2008) I spent 4 days walking the 80miles of the Wealdway between Eastbourne on the Sussex coast to Gravesend on the River Thames in Kent.

The weather was not great but walking in flurries of snow was different from the usual rain and high winds, some of the pictures bear testament to the challenging conditions…

2 thoughts on “Walking the Wealdway

  1. Hi there. thanks for the pics, very interesting. Looks like it was a bit of a cold trip ! I am interested in doing the Wealdway myself this year and was wondering how you broke it up ? You mention 4 days, was that straight through and if so, was wondering how you managed accommodation ? Any help welcome as I’m looking at pushing through on 4 straight days and would welcome any comments or advice ! Thanks a lot,


  2. The Wealdway is local to me, so without much trouble (an excellent taxi service provided by family) I was able to be home based while completing this walk. The route does go through or very close to quite a few towns and villages, well it has to in this crowded corner of the UK, and once you know the length of stages I would use Google et al and local tourist information centres to find accommodation. If your into camping then there are probably enough remote sections of the walk for a bit of wild camping – at your own risk. Sorry not to be of more help, hope you enjoy the walk.

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