2 thoughts on “Walking the coast of Kent

  1. Lovely pics and nice blog in general! My partner and I are walking the C2C in august and I’ve become a bit of an obsessive ready of other’s accounts. Was delighted to find this post on walking the Kent coast too; we live in Ramsgate and as part of our training have been walking the coast (in bits)…hope to finish it all before the C2C. 
    Happy walking!

  2. The Kent coast is such a mix of majestic natural beauty and industry. From the heavy industry on the Thames to the smaller scale that you have captured so well here this has always been a working coast.

    It’s nice that so much of it remains unspoilt and accessible and even a lot of the disused structures add a certain ethereal charm to the views. I’m forever stumbling on small WWII fortifications that have all but blended into the landscape.

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