The Pennine Way – done!

Well I took a leisurely 19 days to complete the 260 miles of the Pennine Way, and after a week back home I have finally posted a daily journal of my travels from Edale to Kirk Yetholm, create a gallery of 147 photos, and found a few photos to create some new header images for this blog.

I was extraordinarily lucky to have only 2 brief periods of poor weather in all of the 19 days I was walking, and even that only added up to a few hours (perhaps half a day in all). It was a bit of a shame that the views were so hazy at times, but far better to be hazy due to the high temperatures that mist or fog!!

In many ways I found the Pennine Way to be a bit of a tamed beast: with the good weather, long sections of slabs, excellent sign posting even in the remotest of areas, and some unseasonally dry conditions under foot. Nevertheless 260 miles is still a bit of a trek whatever the conditions…

New header images from my Pennine Way travels