Edale – the day before

It took about 5 hours on various trains but I was safely at Edale, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the light breeze was cooling. It was then that I had a major crisis – walking stick (MK1) had disappeared, while I was ambling into the village of Edale it was heading off to Manchester.

I found the B&B in quick order and decided to head to the hills to forget my crisis…

Two good viewpoints to the south were marked on the map – Hollins Cross and Lose Hill. While it was hazy at the top the views were uplifting, it was also good to stretch my legs, and I got to thinking about the path ahead – but I sure did miss my walking stick.

I had noticed that while quite a few trains sped along the valley very few stopped, so on the off chance I waited for the next train to stop. My luck was in, my walking stick was just where I had left it in the luggage rack and none the worse for its trips to Manchester and back to Sheffield.

Crisis averted, tomorrow the Pennine Way.