Day 16 – Greenhead to Once Brewed

Today was a very short walking day – the shortest of the whole trip – no matter how slow I was. I was feeling better, but still lacked some energy, particularly on the up hill bits.

Leaving late I was quickly back onto the Pennine Way, and walking alongside a huge ditch – which was part of the Hadrian’s Wall defences. It was like all the climbs of the day, short and sharp – and with a seemingly gale force wind that would hit you in the face every time you reached the top.

There were routes that would contour around the hills, and keep you sheltered from the worst of the wind, but that would take you away from the most interesting bits of the walk – alongside the wall (be it Roman or just a rebuilt ordinary drystone wall) on top of steep sided escarpments.

To the north I could see the great swathes of plantation forests, and the route ahead, but that was for tomorrow. I headed south, down to the military road and the hamlets of Once Brewed and Twice Brewed*.

*Apparently the ale served at the inn was said to be so weak that it was demanded it be brewed twice, and the name stuck. When the neighbouring Youth Hostel was officially opened by a staunch teetotaller it was mentioned that they hoped the tea would only be brewed once, and that name stuck too.

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