The weather

How could any blog by an englishman not include the weather? Well, up until now I have been trying to figure out how to ensure that I could quickly and easily record the weather, and perhaps explain a little bit more about my travels.

Using Cricket Moods (I was so excited by the name when I spotted it buried in the depths of a plugin list – I so hoped it has something to do with cricket!) and adapted with a set of weather icons I can now include an update about the weather at the end of each post.

SunnyCloudySun & CloudOvercastRainSun & RainStormySun & StormsSleatSun & SleatHailSun & HailSnowSun & SnowThunder StormsSun & Thunder StormsWindyColdIgloo

So today I have been mostly painting, and if you had not already guessed it, procrastinating over painting by updating something here. It has been mostly overcast and raining all day, check out the icons at the end of the post…

The garden in spring

Took a break from painting the flat and spent the bank holiday at home (my parents). It gave me a chance to play with my cameras, and to perfect normal panoramas (see below for a picture of the garden) and fisheye images.

Unfortunately the fisheye images have so far come to nothing – not only does it seem devilishly tricky to get the images lined up (even with a rotator) it takes even more effort to stitch them together. No luck again this time. I will give them one last go from the top of a fell in a couple of weeks time and see if they can be perfected with the wide open spaces of Cumbria and the North York Moors.
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Incomplete Panoramas – Chinese Pagola

I think I have cracked making 360 degree panoramas, but I found that Autostitch can make some pretty good pictures which aren’t full panoramas. But how to display them when they can be quite sizable images…

Using Zoomify I have found this is the perfect tool to allow the image to be scrolled around and zoomed. Because it slices the original image and only loads the pieces when required it means some of the pictures can be quite large with good detail.

No more Zoomify, WP PTViewer has come to my rescue for both complete and incomplete panoramas!

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