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  1. Updated using the new Kiva EXPORT button!
    Still a multi-stage cut & paste process but thankfully no new coding required – expect more updates…
    Celebrated with quite a few new loans from around the world.
    See who you could loan to at

  2. I just found Kiva today through your site and Linda and I love it. It’s a brilliant idea!

    By the way, are you hardcoding the xml for this map?

  3. Kiva provides each lender with a basic Excel spreadsheet of their loan data to download, I take that and twirl it around in Editgrid – and add a bit more data for myself.
    From my web site I can then link to a dynamically created and formatted data file from Editgrid, which looks just like the json file my web page is expecting.
    I have set up a file for people to copy here
    a map view (entirely within Editgrid but still using Exhibit 2.0 AJAX stuff) is here.

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