Kiva 80×15 buttons / badges

So I decided that I am going to try my best to highlight Kiva. After putting a banner on my blog and a footer to my emails I felt something was missing – buttons!
I could not find any, so made a few (then a few more). I hope everyone likes them.
Please feel free to use them (but don’t link to them, download the one(s) you want and save them to your site)…

If you want to make your own I would recomend checking out Brilliant Button Maker by

Logos can be found on or

For those interested here are the hex colours:

  • Dark green: #23582c
  • Lighter green: #5c9c5f
  • Lightest green: #d9ecb0

4 thoughts on “Kiva 80×15 buttons / badges

  1. Hi,

    The above is one of my sites in which I am trying to raise money for Kiva.

    I am looking for a badge to put on other sites to point them to my Kiva sites.

    I am rather dim. Could you please tell me what to do with one of your badges in regard to downloading it, getting the code and placing it on my sites.

    It would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks you,

    L. M. Cooper

  2. Please feel free to download any of the badges – right click on the badge you want and select ‘Save Image As…’ / ‘Save Picture As…’ (or whatever your browser of choice calls it).

    Then you can upload it to any of your sites and display it as you would any image.

  3. Thank you forgetting back to me. It is the uploading I am having the problem with, I thought there may have been and HTML code?

    I have tried, of course if you click on that it only takes you to tinypic.

    Also can I add any of these to my email.

    Sorry to be a pain.

    Louisa M. Cooper

  4. Hmm, it could well be that squidoo doesn’t actually allow you to upload images. I am not a user of such a system so not sure I can be of much help.

    If you sent email in html format then you can of course include a copy of a button – I suggest you review the help / support relating to your email software / provider of choice.

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