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  1. Sorry to hear about the aching bits – maybe you need some of that delicious gingerbread!

  2. Cripes, Christopher, can see why you liked it so much. (Specially those sheep!) Superb.

  3. Ah is this why you were complaining about me not reading your blog? The lack of comments and lack of guestbook entries? My feeble excuse, well I did whilst you were up to something interesting, but watching paint dry? I’d rather be in the KGH!

    As an aside Rupert and C, you forgot the all important “print” before the “hello world”…


  4. I couldn’t find a suitable place to post a general comment, so I thought it would have to go here. You seem to have been busy with the site but what have you been busy doing away from the PC? Very few posts suggest you have been reading the latest Harry Potter book ;-)

  5. A very merry Christmas, old chap.

    Maiden Castle and greased monkeys, eh. Just like the old days…


  6. What gear (clothing/tech) have you settled on? It would be interesting to know what has worked and what was useless.

  7. Just retired so just starting on my walks for life,( what camera do you use? )

  8. @old man
    I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3.  I got it as it has a 10x optical zoom (most digital compacts only have 3x).  It is OK for point and shoot snaps, though I am sometimes disappointed by the exposure of some shots.
    Happy walking.

  9. Hi, do you mind telling me what WordPress widget or plugin you use to show the “Information for this post” section at the top of the sidebar on each post page?

    And also how you can get the google map to show up in this section? (like in your photo gallery pages).

    Thanks!! :)

  10. Hi, I came across your blog whilst searching for walks in the Lake District. It’s a great blog and I would be happy to link to it on my blog too..


  11. Great stuff,i to walk the Pennine way in September/2008,weather was very wet but i loved the challenge.I have imformation for people wishing to stay at the hostel in Greenhead;Book through this number (not the youth hotstel assoc) Doug&Sandra Armstrong 01697747411.This number is for the hotel but that is how you book.
    Ibooked through the youth hostel association and when i got there they had’nt received the payment from me,not nice when you are wet cold and hungry.But doug found room for me at no cost very nice people!

  12. Super blog. I’ve done several parts of the Coast to Coast and the Pennine Way but neither of them from start to finish although it is still an ambition of mine. I actually found your blog whilst looking for information on the Old Pork Pie Shop in Melton Mowbray aren’t search engines fantastic! Mick

  13. wow i have just read your blogs from your coast to coast walk, really inspiring and amazingly written. I have recently taken up walking with the ramblers in Wales, and hope one day to complete an epic walk such as this.

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