Not cycling

Well after a good first day of 47 miles, I found the following day after about 10 miles I had pins and needles in my left leg. After a brief stop they went away and I continued, but another 5 miles or so and I had shooting pains and no power in my left leg to push on the peddle. I decided to stop and not proceed any further, I will have to start over another day.

I can now be vertical or horizontal, but anything in between is quite an effort – though getting easier.

The first day had gone well, did not see many partridges in Partridge Green (except for those on the sign) and the bridge over the Arun was a lovely place to stop and take in the views. Cycling along the lanes of Sussex I kept on getting wonderful snapshots of the South Downs from gaps in the hedges, and was pleased I would not be crossing over them for some time – little did I know.

Having found a nice camp site near Graffham I walked into the village to find the local hostelry. On the way I could see a number of balloons lift off and drift slowly in the still evening air, perhaps responding to the BBQ smoke signals rising up from almost every back garden.

After a good nights sleep, and a fine rendition of a dawn chorus by the local birds, I set off again heading west. There was another balloon hanging in the morning haze above the Downs, and I was making good progress until…

Center of map
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