Long Man of Wilmington – a cycle ride to and from

Another Wednesday, and while the weather was a bit variable, another cycle ride. I have been trying to stick as much to small roads, which is a bit limiting as this bit of Sussex is hemmed in by large ‘A’ roads like the A26 and A27, but I had worked out a route that would take me to Wilmington.

The Long Man of Wilmington, Europe’s largest representation of the human form at 235 feet high, nestles under the steep northern slope of Windover Hill at Wilmington. It is large enough to be seen clearly in Google Maps, though it looks stretched from the air.

This giant figure has said to have baffled archaeologists and historians for hundreds of years. More about it can be found here on the Sussex Past website.

As I was near Alfriston, I thought I might try and catch up with Archie (the first person to give me a job!) but unfortunately he was out. Then cycling back through Alfriston I hear a familiar voice of ‘Auntie’ Hazel – and was invited back for a cup of tea and a scone (delicious!). There were several possible routes back, but as Becca was at home I felt another cup of tea might be had so made my way via East Hoathly.

This was my longest cycle ride to date, at 49.3 miles. It was fairly uneventful with no punctures, and no additional padding required – though my knees and bottom are slightly tender!

Center of map
View the map in Google Maps, or here is the Google Earth KML file.

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    If you don’t want to bother with audacity check out http://sayandpost.com. They have a tiny voice recorder/uploader that I find pretty useful.


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