New images from Coast to Coast

I am slowly going through and uploading over 100 photos of my Coast to Coast trip into a new gallery.

Some of them I have also made into header images – have you spotted them yet?

It will take me a little while to load and then caption all of them up, please be patient and enjoy those that are already there…

4 thoughts on “New images from Coast to Coast

  1. For some reason I didn’t see your daily updates; until they all appeared today. Was there a problem with the RSS feed?

  2. I had been keeping an offline diary, and it was not until I was reunited with an access point that I could upload everything – have now written up all of the days, reviewed all the images, and found a nice pub with free wi-fi – be prepared for a deluge of updated posts…

  3. Well done for completing the walk – some of the views look stunning. Looking forward to seeing the rest

  4. Ahh, that explains the sudden deluge of posts. New belt, how about some bailer twine, I’m sure there is plenty of that floating around in the edges of fields. PS: your wellies had a trip to Chertsey Meads on Wednesday night…. not quite the wilderness but the tall grass was wet!

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