Day 13 Urra to Glaisdale

After being given a delightful hand-drawn map of the route back to the Coast to Coast route I was off up onto Urra Moor and Round Hill with fewer obstacles that had hindered my route down yesterday.

Apart from the initial climb up onto the ridge this morning the walk was very easy. Thankfully the flagstone path had made way for a gravel track, and the section across the first moor was easily completed as the Cleveland Way headed north and I continued east to follow the route of a now disused railway.

While the railway snaked its way round the hills, following the contours it was much more preferable than clambering up and down the ridges of a more direct route. It was such good fast walking that I passed several people I had come to know from walking the past few days. Though I got the timings wrong today, the walking was so easy I got to the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge before it opened.

There is nothing else at Blakey so I pressed on in improving weather to walk over Glaisdale Moor with the fantastic views into both valleys to the north and south.

It was a long thin tongue of moorland but I finally reached the village of Glaisdale and found the B&B for the night – just in time as well as a few minutes later the heavens would open with some short, sharp, showers of rain.

Emergency rations: None
Blisters: None
Aching bits: None

Center of map
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  1. Arriving before opening time! Tsk Tsk, clearly you don’t spend enough time hanging around hostelries.

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