Not cycling

Well after a good first day of 47 miles, I found the following day after about 10 miles I had pins and needles in my left leg. After a brief stop they went away and I continued, but another 5 miles or so and I had shooting pains and no power in my left leg to push on the peddle. I decided to stop and not proceed any further, I will have to start over another day.

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Back on my bike

I felt I could manage a few miles today on the bicycle, after not being too well for a week or so, and ended up doing a circuit of 21 miles in a couple of hours – which felt just about right.

The bike trailer that I ordered more than a month ago has also turned up at the shop this afternoon, so the next ride will be with a small trailer load…

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Onward and upward to Ditchling Beacon

Much of the cycling to date has been in relativity flat surroundings, and rather rashly I thought it was time today to set myself the challenge: to make it to the top of Ditchling Beacon – the 3rd highest point along the South Downs – and make it back in one piece. I did not choose the most direct route to take, as I am still sticking to minor roads wherever possible, and in all I would cover around 37 miles.

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Long Man of Wilmington – a cycle ride to and from

Another Wednesday, and while the weather was a bit variable, another cycle ride. I have been trying to stick as much to small roads, which is a bit limiting as this bit of Sussex is hemmed in by large ‘A’ roads like the A26 and A27, but I had worked out a route that would take me to Wilmington.

The Long Man of Wilmington, Europe’s largest representation of the human form at 235 feet high, nestles under the steep northern slope of Windover Hill at Wilmington. It is large enough to be seen clearly in Google Maps, though it looks stretched from the air.

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Cycling a bit more of Sussex

I was invited to lunch at East Hoathly, so looking at the route I took last time I decided to make a few changes and to cycle it in an anticlockwise direction – keeping my fingers crossed that I would make it in time for pudding at least.

It was also a chance to try out a new saddle – which I had ordered up after my ordeal cycling from Winchester. It declared itself to be a “revolutionary breakthrough in bike seat comfort” – well lets see if it lives up to the name The Comfort Saddle.

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Cycling a bit of Sussex

Got my new bike yesterday, a Dawes Colorado – a “hybrid” bike as I have gotten use to the chunkiness of a mountain bike in recent years, and have you seen the state of the roads!! It has a better upright riding position for on the roads. The trailer is on order at the moment – keeping my fingers crossed for delivery at the end of the month.

Decided to take it for a spin today around a bit of Sussex, taking in part of a published route that by chance almost goes past the house, and goes near East Hoathly (to visit my Sister) and the Gliding Club. Though the variations I made added a few more miles…

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Cycling – Winchester to …

It might have been the effects of dehydration, perhaps the sun was stronger than I could have ever imagined, but somewhere along the Coast to Coast walk I started to wonder about other bits of countryside within the UK and how I could best travel through them…

Later in the walk I started to meet cyclists, and having crossed the country from left to right, I started to wonder about journeying on a bicycle from Lands End to John O’ Groats – a small matter of around 950 miles, but perhaps a jaunt of a lifetime to compare with excursions in the planning on trains across Canada, the Americas and even Eurasia.

Further research I came across LEJOG on Google, what at first I thought might have been a fun run in France but with a little reading turned out to be an acronym for Lands End to John O’ Groats (sometimes also called end-to-end).

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