I started this blog back in April 2007, when I decided to take a career break – as it turned out my vague plans of travelling the world ended up with me exploring my own backyard by walking over 1,000 miles on various long distance walks in 15 months or so.

I am now back at work (August 2008), but I still hope to keep on walking so please subscribe to this RSS feed and follow my footsteps and check out where I am…

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Topics & Categories

So along with posts about my travels, there are a number of other topics that interest me…

Those that know me best realise from early on I am a gadget addict, with an almost uncontrollable appetite for technology, computers, software, and all sorts of gizmos. It is partly due to my interest is gadgets, but I also like photography – particularly panoramas – which should hopefully illustrate this blog. Elsewhere maps will also illustrate where I am.

My appetite for technology is only exceeded by my appetite for cakes and biscuits, particularly the chocolate variety. Expect to find references to such throughout. I have created a category inspired by the website ANiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown.com, and called it “A nice cup of tea and…” on the basis it will contain things that go well with a cup of tea. So I can just sit and drool over such nice things I have also created a gallery of photos, which is similarly titled.

In 2006 I started reading about microcredit and microfinance. This led me to find Kiva.org and I started to make small loans to some amazing people around the world. Kiva.org allows individuals to make loans to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world (microfinance), from as little as $25. By doing so, individuals provide affordable working capital for the poor (money to buy a sewing machine, livestock, etc.), empowering them to earn their way out of poverty.

As regularly as I can, I also post on kivafriends.org


My chosen profession was horticulture, and my interest in parks, gardens and plants is still a strong interest while travelling.

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