Yorkshire Tea Biscuits

In walking the Pennine Way I spent quite a while within Yorkshire – with the opportunity to try some of the wonderful delights on offer that go well with a nice cup of tea.

I had occasionally seen Yorkshire Tea Biscuits advertised on TV, but never found a good supply of them. In Hawes I was delighted to find numerous shelves fully stocked with a wondrous range of these biscuits, though disappointingly I probably only had room for two packets of biscuits in my rucksack, so I chose the Original and Chocolate Chip varieties – leaving the Oat & Honey and Ginger ones for another time.

Yorkshire Tea Biscuits are basically a rich buttery shortbread biscuit, but there is nothing basic about them. Much thought has obviously gone into the crafting and baking of these biscuits, and the result is a chunky T shape – which makes it ideal for dunking (as does the solid texture of the shortbread).

While the T shape is good for dunking it is bad for packing, and thus the amount of packaging to biscuit ratio is high – which results in each biscuit probably having a greater than average carbon footprint (which is particularly disappointing for such an excellent biscuit).

A hint of Yorkshire Tea has also been baked into each original Yorkshire Tea Biscuit, to great effect – adding a delicate flavour note. The hint of tea might well be included in the other varieties – though of the Chocolate Chip variety my tastebuds were rapidly seduced by the large chocolaty chips, at the expense of some of the other delicate flavours.

Having tried to approach the tasting of Yorkshire Tea Biscuits in the most scientific way possible (for a hungry walker) I have to admit to running out of biscuits before completing the rigorous dunk test timings – though I am happy to report that they held up well (to the dunking, but not to a hungry walker!).

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  1. Good to see you were testing the biscuits in a good strong Yorkshire brew. You know that these biscuits will stand up unaided in the cuppa if you get the strength just right ;-)

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