Yorkshire Parkin

While walking the Pennine Way I was in need of sustenance to keep me going through the day. While I found some good biscuits, cake is less prone to disintegrating (or at least more easily squished back together). Having spent quite a while wandering along the route through Yorkshire I was pleased to find a supply of Parkin, a cake with strong local connections.

Parkin is generally a moist, and even sometimes sticky, gingercake – and is readily distinguishable from other (lesser) gingercakes by the high proportion of oatmeal and treacle used in its making.

It is also said to keep well, though why you would want to do this with such a delicious cake I am unsure – however it is said that ‘connoisseurs often prefer to eat it slightly aged’.

Parkin is also strongly associated with Bonfire Night, but after consuming the cake pictured above during mid May I am able to confirm that it can also be enjoyed at any other times of year.

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  1. Yes, you can’t beat a nice piece of Parkin at any time of the year. I am finding your travels useful and with my love of walking I can see what you are going through. If you ever get chance you can see my list of walks in yorkshire so far at http://www.walksyorkshire.com

    regards and keep up the good work

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