Welsh Toffee Waffles

Having missed out on International Waffle Day (March 25th) I was pleased to have found a source of toffee waffles in Crickhowell – and they would make good rations for strolls over the Brecon Beacons…

Toffee waffles are impressive biscuits: two waffles sandwich a layer of lightly-spiced toffee. There are said to be chocolate species, which are entirely coated in either milk or plain chocolate, though I have yet to track these down.

The toffee centre to the biscuit adds an intriguing dimension, as the properties of the toffee change with temperature. At room temperature it is soft and gooey, though at the top of a welsh mountain in early spring the toffee is much firmer and deliciously chewy. These properties can be manipulated when coupled with a nice cup of tea – a little heating over a mug of tea will cause the toffee to become runnier.

Toffee waffles are native to Wales, where they are probably more abundant. Outside of Wales they are fairly rare but can be order directly from the Tregroes Waffle web site.

2 thoughts on “Welsh Toffee Waffles

  1. Fantastic!  I believe there is some serious field work to be done researching the optimum waffle core temperature.  I expect that the physiological state of the consumer has to be taken into consideration when calculating the waffle warming coefficient.  Does anyone at Wisley want to go halves on a mixed box ;)

  2. I ate those regularly when I was in Netherlands in Hague. They are great but so sweet. After I ate two or three I though I was gonna get diabetes :)

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