Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer

Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer is a bar of pure deliciousness, consisting of 5 layers of wafer as a way of separating 4 good layers of caramel – and completely covered in chocolate. It is then wrapped in a classy foil-paper wrapper, instead of the terrible plastic coatings that are nowadays often used.

Both milk and plain chocolate version are available. The milk chocolate version is wrapped in red and gold coloured foil-paper, whilst the plain chocolate wrapping is coloured blue and gold.

The wrappers (of the milk chocolate version) bear the proud words: “more than 4,000,000 of these biscuits made and sold every week”. I dare say a comparable number are also eaten! Quite a few kept me going on the long days of walking the Southern Upland Way.

There is a closely related product: Tunnock’s Caramel Log, which is similar to the Caramel Wafer but with the addition of desecrated coconut* to the outside of the bar and with a plastic wrapper. Why anyone would want to do this to a perfectly delicious bar remains a mystery to me – it is almost sacrilege.

* often referred to as roasted or dessicated coconut; in my book any alterations made to delicious fresh coconut is effectively desecration.

2 thoughts on “Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer

  1. A sad day? The statement “4,000,000 made and sold every week” is no longer true for the Tunnocks wafer. I have a wafer with me now. The wrapper says “5,000,000 made and sold every week”. Don’t ya just love ’em.

  2. Thanks for the update David, that is excellent news!!
    Hopefully the extra million mean more people are enjoying Tunnocks Wafers, rather than the same number of people just enjoying eating more.

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