Strawberry Cream Tea

This is a variation of the traditional cream tea, with the addition of fresh strawberries (which could tip the balance and ensure it meets the criteria for part of a five-a-day diet).

Unfortunately on this occasion the cream was not clotted, though the addition of strawberries was most welcome and make this a refreshing variation.

It came ready prepared, leaving the consumer no leeway in how it is constructed – though with the addition of the fresh strawberries it rather dictates the arrangement of the ingredients (working from the bottom up) to scone : strawberry jam : cream : fresh strawberries.

This variation on a cream tea was photographed in a tea room at Robin Hood’s Bay, and was a welcome sight at the end of the Coast to Coast walk.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Cream Tea

  1. If it came ready prepared then why are there crumbs on the plate? I strongly suspect there was at least one if not two half scones on the plate which seem to have mysteriously disappeared before you took the photograph.

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