Kendal Mint Cake

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… complete without ensuring the emergency rations have been packed. In my case this always includes Kendal Mint Cake.

While not a traditional ‘cake’ this post could be equally at home in the A nice cup of tea and… series, though I feel further testing is required before I put a seal on the best Kendal Mint Cake and perhaps had a chance to visit the various establishments in Kendal (there are currently three companies that produce mint cake).

Kendal Mint Cake is the best …

Day 19 – Byrness to Kirk Yetholm

… way up with a total lack of energy. Thankfully many days previously I had packed a small bar of Kendal Mint Cake and that perked me up a treat.

There are two possible routes to chose from: a higher route into Kirk Yetholm, or a lower route. I chose the latter and headed off into Scotland. Descending down into the valley and it started to …

Day 15 Littlebeck to Robin Hood’s Bay

… the rocky shoreline.

Now that I was safely at destination I ate the remaining quarter bar of Kendal Mint Cake emergency ration. It also gave me the energy to head back up the hill (1 in 3) and to the host of tea rooms that overlooked the bay.

190 miles (plus a few more with detours).

15 days (some with sunshine!).

A fantastic journey.

Emergency rations: The last quarter packet of Kendal Mint Cake sitting on the beach

Blisters: None

Aching bits: None

Center of map Route …

Day 11 Richmond to Ingleby Arncliff

… celebrate making it over in one piece I rested on the eastern bank and had a quarter of the bar of Kendal Mint Cake, hoping it would help my legs get their second wind.

Then I came across the second big hurdle of the day, crossing the A19 dual carriage way at Ingleby Arncliff. It focused the mind slightly with vehicles bearing down at 70 miles per hour (plus some I am sure), with it being around 5pm this could be rush hour. …

Day 5 Glenridding to Burnbanks (Bampton Grange)

… have left the lakes far behind with this landscape ahead of me.

Emergency rations: Half a bar of Kendal Mint Cake (85g bar)

Blisters: None

Aching bits: Knees and top of thighs – probably from the descent and bracing against the wind.

Center of map Route View the map in Google Maps, or here is the Google Earth KML file.

More photos (from all the days of walking) can be found in the photo gallery.