Walking the Vanguard Way III

I had made good progress heading south so the walk today was shorter than planed, though with the good weather and beautiful South Downs I dawdled a while in places – remembering the days of walking the South Downs Way.

This is certainly a walk to do from North to South, and most enjoyable it was too – thanks to the Vanguards and their excellent website and their fantastic route directions. Continue reading

Walking the Vanguard Way II

The end of the first day had left me within touching distance of Ashdown Forest, though my legs were having second thoughts about it – they had become a little too used to the train and tube.

Thankfully I could leave the busy towns, roads and pony paddocks behind me today and enjoy the splendours of Ashdown Forest and the beauty of the South Downs in the distance. Continue reading

Walking the Vanguard Way I

Squeezing onto a commuter train at just gone 7am I stuck out a mile, plenty of tuts and rolled eyes as I tried to ease my way in with rucksack and walking stick – but nothing was going to stop me and the 3 days of walking.

Thanks to the Vanguards there is a way out of Croydon, allowing you to head south over the North Downs, through Ashdown Forest, arriving on the South Coast in Newhaven – theVanguard Way! Continue reading