Happy New Year

  [ ]
  |_|       .
  | |     .
 /   \    . .   .
|_____|  . .   .
| ___ | \~~~/ . .
| \ / |  \_/ \~~~/
| _Y_ |   |   \_/
|-----| __|__  |
`-----`      __|__

|__| _  _  _     |\ | _      \ | _  _ ,_
|  |(_||_)|_)(_| | \|(/_(_|_) \|(/_(_||
       |  |  ,_|            (__|

Walking Pooh country I

I got some wonderful walking books, guides and maps for Christmas (though for this walk I already had An Ashdown Forest Perambulation by Per-Rambulations, it had sat on the shelf for a good six months) and so spent the last few days making plans…

It soon became apparent that if I was going to make full use of my time and money I was going to have to start carrying a bigger pack, not just a day pack. A walk over Asdown Forest, being close to home would be perfect – just in case anything went badly wrong like it had with the cycling. The Perambulation was written in 4 stages, though I hoped that I could do it in a couple of days, 3 max. It would be a real test with a full pack and the target milage was 20 miles!

The terrain was fairly gentle, thought with a couple of steep climbs, but the clay soil underfoot would provide a real challenge as I was soon to find out on day 1.

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Wetzlar whistlestop

I dashed over to Germany to help deliver a glider for maintenance near the town of Wetzlar in the valley of the Lahn river. Arriving after dark and leaving early (which seemed like before dawn) left little time to explore.

Only the small Christmas Market was in full swing, most of the old town had shut up shop hours earlier, but it was lovely to wander around the narrow cobbled streets of the old town / Eisenmarkt which dates back to medieval times.

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