Changing to NextGEN Gallery

So I took the plunge and decided to change from using myGallery to use NextGEN Gallery. For a while I ran both plugins but in the end I worked out a procedure to exclusively use NextGEN.

I had several hundred images in quite a number of different posts and pages, and I was not looking forward to going through and updating each post so I looked for some “shortcuts” to try on my localhost test site as this is not a procedure for the faint hearted (even with appropriate backups taken)…

Step 1 – After installing NextGEN Gallery I used the myGallery Import:

  • A few odd characters managed to break the import but once I had tracked these down (apostrophises and copyright symbols) all of the images were imported very quickly and easily.
  • Unfortunately the ID number of the images was updated, so I exported both the NextGen and myGallery picture tables and merged the data together so that wp_mypictures id was copied into wp_ngg_pictures pid matching on the filenames (which were thankfully unique across all of the subfolders).
  • Keeping my fingers crossed I then imported the merged data, overwriting what was alreaady in wp_ngg_pictures – it worked!!

Step 2 – Updating the album / gallery pages

  • With only half a dozen pages this was easy to update manually opening each page and changing the tags from [mygal= to to
    Header images

    Images used within the rotating header of the website.

    71 Photos

    Israel - January 2005

    Pictures from my trip to Israel in January 2005, staying in Jerusalem to visit the botanic garden.

    91 Photos

    Kiva Entrepreneurs

    Map and gallery of people who I have made Kiva loans to.

    158 Photos

    Misc images

    Misc images

    142 Photos



    6 Photos

    Coast to Coast

    Pictures from my Coast to Coast walk, May 2007, from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire. Daily posts from the trip.

    168 Photos

    A nice up of tea and...

    Things that go well with a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

    56 Photos


    Photos of all things living on the wild side.

    21 Photos

    Lake District walking weekend - July 2007

    A gallery of images when I gatecrashed a long weekend of walking arranged by the walking club at NIMR - National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill.

    22 Photos

    Northumberland trip

    A trip in June 2004 to Northumberland, visiting Alnwick and Cragside Gardens - with a brief stop over to meet the Angel of the North.

    18 Photos

    Merseyside trip

    Driving back from Cumbria in June 2004 I stopped off to visit Ness Botanic Garden and the National Wildflower Centre in Liverpool.

    11 Photos

    Sheffield trips

    Back in 2004 I made a couple of trips to Sheffield, visiting the Winter Garden, a wander around the city centre, and a walk through the Botanic Garden.

    25 Photos

    Santa Barbara 2003

    In June 2003 I visited Rosminah in Santa Barbara, California. We did a whistle-stop tour of some fantastic gardens and nurseries.

    53 Photos

    Sussex Ouse Valley Walk

    A walk though the Ouse Valley in September 2007. 42 miles over 2 days meandering from source to sea (Lower Beeding to Seaford). Also see the post about this walk.

    22 Photos

    South Downs Way

    A walk along the South Downs Way during late September 2007, through the counties of East Sussex, West Sussex and into Hampshire.

    41 Photos

    Kiva Calendar 2008

    From a suggestion, and a whole lot of hard work, through a calendar was developed to promote Kiva. Polls were held to select the photos, and to develop the layout I created.

    Walking the IoW

    In October 2007 I walked around the Isle of Wight, around 65 miles of coastline, inlets, chines, towns and wonderful areas of outstanding natural beauty.

    43 Photos

    East Hoathly Carnival

    Carnival is held on the eve of Remembrance Sunday with a spectacular torchlight parade, inaugurated by the Last Post and one minute’s silence, followed by a bonfire and a spectacular firework display.

    13 Photos

    Dorset 2007

    Spent a week or so in Dorset in mid November 2007. Visited David in Sherborne and Maureen in Charminster, went on a couple of short walks, and met a giant.

    16 Photos

    Walking Pooh country

    A 40+ mile walk over Ashdown Forest, the home of Winnie the Pooh

    11 Photos

    Walking the coast of Kent

    In early 2008 I spent 10 days walking the coast of Kent. While there was a bit of bad weather, which curtailed some walking, I still managed over 150 miles.

    108 Photos


    17 Photos

    Cornwall - 2008

    In early March and again in mid April I spent a few days in Cornwall. I managed a couple of walks and a garden visit...

    78 Photos

    Walking the Wealdway

    Over the Easter Bank Holiday (March 2008) I spent 4 days walking the 80miles of the Wealdway between Eastbourne on the Sussex coast to Gravesend on the River Thames in Kent

    44 Photos

    Brecon Beacons 2008

    In early April 2008 David invited me up to Dyffryn Crawnon for a week, and I took the opportunity to stretch my legs over a bit of the Brecon Beacons

    33 Photos

    Walking the Pennine Way

    In May 2008 I took a leisurely 19 days to walk the 260 or so miles (412km) of the Pennine Way, from Edale to Kirk Yetholm. I was so lucky with only 2 days with poor weather, and many days with hazy sunshine which made the walk all the more enjoyable.

    147 Photos

    Southern Upland Way

    A journey of 212 miles (in 11 days) across the southern uplands of Scotland, from Portpatrick in the west to Cockburnspath in the east.

    123 Photos

    8 Photos

    King Bladud's Pigs in Bath 2008

    King Bladud’s Pigs in Bath was a summer 2008 public art event to celebrate Bath. Over one hundred life-size pig sculptures were on display throughout the summer all around Bath and beyond - at the end of September I found 59.

    69 Photos

    Walking the Vanguard Way

    Walking the 66 miles of the Vanguard Way in September 2009, from East Croydon (London) to Newhaven (on the Sussex coast).

    35 Photos

    Elephants in London

    Elephant Parade London 2010 is a conservation campaign that shines spotlight on the crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. The event sees over 250 brightly painted elephants located over central London this summer, each decorated by a different artist or celebrity.

    80 Photos

    Lions of Bath 2010

    A giant pride of 100 individually decorated, life-size lion sculptures took up residence in Bath, I just had to go!

    136 Photos

    Rhinos in Chester

    In the summer of 2010 Chester was in the grip of Rhino Mania! 62 rhinos created by the regions artists, along with 116 mini school rhinos, took up residence.

    103 Photos

Step 3 – Updating several hundred pictures in quite a number of posts and pages

  • Thankfully the way I displayed images within posts was fairly consistent using the thumbnail and linking to the fullscreen version. The only difference was whether they were floated to left or right.
  • Using search & replace within wp_posts I first changed [inspic= to [SinglePic not found] was replaced by ,100,,,left] – and that replaced all of the images floated to the left and I just had to repeat using right instead of left.
  • A quick search for “left,” “right,” and “fullscreen” found a couple of posts with images that did not conform to my usual incorporation of images, but these were easy enough to change by editing the post in the normal fashion.

Step 4 – Cleaning up

  • Deactivate myGallery and have a browse through the site to spot any images that are missing.
  • Delete myGallery tables and options.