SDW Day 4 (Houghton – South Harting)

The rolling downland of the western end of the South Downs I might still be on the South Downs Way, or stepped into a timewarp with the Romans ???

The Downs by now had lost some of their steep escarpments, and had become more wooded – thankfully providing some shelter from the north wind which was still blowing strongly. I was also glad that I had brought my hat along with me today.

The gliders were still overhead, though perhaps as I was further to the west there were fewer and much higher above the Downs.

The more modern second world war pill boxes had dwindled in number, only to be replaced my more ancient fortifications from the iron age and roman times. The South Down Way also crosses Stane Street, signposted at the top of Bignor Hill.

The view east from Beacon Hill The view west from Beacon Hill

With the broader, sweeping landscape, the only vantage point of note to be crossed today was Beacon Hill (one of a few places crossed with such a name).

Center of map
View the map in Google Maps, or here is the Google Earth KML file.

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